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Scan to Pay


Allow your customers to make payment with their mobile devices by simply scanning your unique QR code.

What are QR payments?

QR (Quick Response) allows contactless payment to be made directly to your Netcash account by scanning a static code that is displayed at your business or on your smartphone. Confirmation of payment is sent to you via email / SMS.

Multiple wallets and banking apps can scan a single Netcash QR code. Your customers no longer need to have cash available and they can pay the exact amount required. All payments are made from their mobile phone, directly into your Netcash account.

This is where you will add your Paypoint, and will be able to edit it as well. You are able to download your QR code and you are able to print your QR code.
  • Select Pay Now from the dropdown menu
  • Click on Scan to Pay
  • Select Manage
  • To add a Paypoint click the blue Add button
  • You are also able to edit these Paypoint details by clicking on the pencil icon next to your Paypoint

Once you have clicked on Add you are prompted to insert a PayPoint name, notification email and notification SMS. Then click Submit.

Activation pack

This is where you will order your Starter pack.
  • Select Pay Now from the dropdown menu
  • Click on Scan to Pay
  • Select Activation pack
  • To order a starter pack click on Add 
Once you have clicked on Add, you will be prompted to insert the below information:
  • Trading name: The trading name of your company
  • Address line 1: Physical address of the company
  • Address line 2: Physical address of the company
  • Suburb: Suburb as per Physical address
  • City: City as per physical address
  • Postal code: postal code as per physical address
  • Recipient: User placing order
  • Cell number: User cell number
  • Email address: User email address
  • Number of packs: The number of Starter packs you would like to order for all your Paypoints
  • Billing amount: The amount charged for the amount of starter packs orders above
  • Submit: Once you are happy with the above and ready to order click Submit
The Starter pack includes the following:
  • 1 Perspex stand
  • 2 QR stand inserts
  • 3 Stickers
  • 1 Wobbler
  • Instructions


This is the notification that the client receives once payment is made. There is a mandatory notification message and an additional text message that you can add for your clients.
  • Select Pay Now from the dropdown menu
  • Click on Scan to Pay
  • Select Notifications
  • Click on Edit if you would like to add your own Additional text
  • Mandatory text: Thank you for your payment of (Amount) on (TransactionDate)
  • Additional text: This is where you can add your own text message for your clients