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2 factor authentication

Use Google Authenticator to authorise payments

Google Authenticator is a free App that can be downloaded from your App Store and synchronised with your Netcash account, allowing you to generate codes to be inserted when authorising payment batches.

A few reasons why you should elect to use 2 Factor:

  • Not reliant on cell phone network to be up.
  • No delays in receiving codes.
  • Can be used when you are travelling abroad.
  • Does not require data (works offline).

How to link 2 Factor Authentication to your Netcash account:

  1. Login to Netcash and clicks on Account Profile / My Space / Authentication.
  2. Click on Edit and then on the 2 Factor radio button.
  3. Insert your One Time Pin (OTP).
  4. Download Google Authenticator on your Android or Apple mobile device.
  5. Click on Generate QR code.
  6. Scan the code with the Google Authenticator app on your phone.
  7. Insert the authenticator Pin.
  8. Click on Submit.
  9. In Google Authenticator click Add Account.

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