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Processed transactions

This is the report you will make the most use of if you are required to follow up and see if a payment has been successful or not. You are also able to save or print proof of this transaction.
  1. Select Services.
  2. Click on Pay Now from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on Reports > Processed transaction report.
  4. Select the required date range and click on Select.
  5. The required transaction list will be supplied.
  6. Export data by clicking on the XLS or Download buttons.
  7. Click on the detail transaction icon to the left of the transaction for additional detail. Your clients have the option to add their email and mobile numbers when making payments using Pay Now EFT and Retail payments. These details will be displayed on the transaction report and used to send notifications to the payer.
  8. Click on the Export icon and select the preferred format to download your report.

Search a Transaction type by:

  • Amount
  • Description
  • Email
  • Number
  • Your reference
  • Our Reference

Transaction tracking

This report will show you where on the payment gateway your client has clicked such as cash, credit card eft etc. This would also depend on what payment options you have made available to your clients.
  • Select Services.
  • Click on Pay Now from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on Reports > Transaction tracking.
  • Insert your reference/description and amount.
  • Click on Select.
  • The system will search and display the required transaction.
  • By clicking on the icon on the left of the transaction,
    additional information is displayed.

Unprocessed transactions

This report shows transactions have not yet been completed by your client or processed on the Netcash system. Refer to your Processed transaction report to view all transactions that have been processed.

Search by transaction ID

This search function helps you to easily find the clients transaction details if they provide you with the transaction ID number, this is a unique number allocated to every transaction that is processed.

The transaction ID number is displayed on your client’s bank statement next to your chosen abbreviated name.
  • Select Services
  • Click on Pay Now from the dropdown menu
  • Click on Reports > Search by transaction ID
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