Salary Payments

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The salary payments profile displays fees and important information relating to your salary payments.

Select Account profile> Click Service profiles> Select Salary payments.

The information that you will be able to view and edit depending on your permission level:

  • Service active: If your salary payments service is active the box will be ticked. If not and you would like to activate this service, please contact your Account Manager or alternatively:
    • Access the Account Profile menu in the top menu bar.
    • Click the left side menu bar and click on “My space”.
    • Click on the salary payments service icon, you will be emailed your digital signature token to insert and sign the new service agreement.
  • Line limit: Maximum Rand value per salary
  • Batch limit: Maximum Rand value of each batch.
    • Click on the Edit button to increase or decrease your line or batch limits.
    • Changes made to line and batch limits are required to be authorised by OTP or 2 Factor authentication.
  • Number of authorisers: Displays the number of authorisers required to authorise a salary batch. Contact your Account Support if you would like to increase or decrease the number of authorisers.
  • Lock batch enabled: If set to True, you have the ability to lock your batch after it has been created which prevents any further editing to the batch. If set to False the Lock button will not be available on the Manage salary batch screen, this can be changed by users that have the ability to manage permissions.

Service fees:

Fees that you are billed per transaction (excluding VAT.) for each of the following services:

  • Same day salary payment: 
  • Dated salary payment.
  • Same day salary payment Namibia.
  • Dated salary payment Namibia.
  • Namibian salary return fee.
  • RTC salary payment.
  • RTC salary return fee.
  • RTC salary rejected fee.
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Salary Payments

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