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This is where you are able to add a new contact and view all the users you have added to the Netcash account. 
  • Select Account profile
  • Click Contact profiles
  • Select Contacts
  • Click on Add Account contact button
The below information is what you will be able to view once you click on the pencil icon left of any user:
  • Title: The title that was captured when the user was added
  • First name: The first name of the user added
  • Surname: The surname or last name of the user added.
  • Initials: The first letter of the user’s first name and or if they more that one names
  • Identity number: The Identity number of the user you added
  • Is this an ID number: There are two options here, SA identity and Passport or other
  • Telephone number: The landline number of the user added
  • Cell number: The cellphone number of the user added
  • Email: The email address of the user added
  • Job description: The user’s job description added

Edit the contact by clicking on the pencil to the left.
Tick the system user tick box.
To delete a contact, click on the waste bin to the left of the selected user and then click Submit.