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Paying salaries and creditors should not bring additional pressure, you can relax in knowing that everyone will be paid on time.

  • Netcash is integrated with numerous payroll and accounting software enabling the creation of payment files within the software with a direct upload to Netcash. Payment files are created instantly and not exposed on your desktop.
  • Customers can pay their employees and creditors directly from the Netcash system by creating payment batches from their Netcash beneficiaries list.
  • Upload payments using your existing Excel or CSV format

There are 2 payment types

Same day payments

  • Funds will be available in the beneficiaries bank account the next day, value-dated for the (same day) payment date.
  • Funding and authorisation cut-off time is 13h00 on the payment day.
  • Valid payment dates are Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Dated payments

  • All payments are reflected in all accounts on the payment day
  • Funding and authorisation cut-off time is 13h00 one business day before payment day and 13h00 on Friday for Saturday and Monday’s batches
  • Valid payment dates are Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays)