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The Pay Now profile displays fees and important information relating to your Pay Now service.

Select Account profile> Click Service profiles> Pay Now

  • Service active: If your Pay Now service is active this box will be ticked. If not and you would like to activate this service, please contact your Account Manager or:
    • Access the Account Profile menu in the top menu bar.
    • Click the left side menu bar and click on “My space”.
    • Click on the Pay Now service icon, you will be emailed your digital signature token to insert and sign the new service agreement.
  • Netcash offers the following payment methods, if set to True this method is currently active. If you would like to activate or deactivate any of the below methods, navigate to Account Profile> NetConnecter> Pay Now.
  • Click on the edit button and select the methods to activate or deactivate.
    • Select submit.
    • Visa Click to Pay:
    • Master and Visa
    • American Express
    • Diners Club
    • Bank and Instant EFT
    • Cash
    • Payflex
    • 1 Voucher
  • Please contact your Account Support if you require American Express and Diners club activation.
  • Allow credit card refund: If set to True you can refund the credit card Transaction If set to Fale a request to refund may be submitted.
  • Enforce 3D Secure: This is set to True, Netcash enforces 3D secure for all transactions.
  • Credit card item limit: Maximum Rand value per transaction. To increase or decrease your credit card limit please contact your Account Support.
  • Statement reference: This reference will reflect on your client’s bank statement.

Service fees

Fees that you are billed per transaction (excluding VAT.):

  • Pay Now module fee.
  • Credit card authorisation fee.
  • MasterCard and VISA commission.
  • American Express commission.
  • Diners Club commission.
  • Bank EFT fee.
  • Retail fee.
  • Retail minimum fee.
  • Scan to Pay.
  • Visa Click to Pay.
  • Client deposit.
  • Scan to Pay activation kit.
  • Credit card interchange fee.
  • Instant EFT minimum fee.
  • Instant EFT commission.
  • Payflex commission.
  • Payflex fixed fee.
  • 1 Voucher Commission
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