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Create sub-account

This is where you will be able to cerate a sub-account. A sub-account is another Netcash account that is linked to your main/primary account. It acts like a pocket account to your main account. It has its own Netcash account number and you can process a completely different service on this account to what you are processing in your main account, this would make reconciling much easier. You are also able to have multiple sub-accounts.

  • Select Account Profile
  • Click Registration profiles
  • Select Create sub-account

The below is what you are required to complete when creating a new sub-account

  • Account detail: Insert the name that you would like to call this account, this would reflect next to the Account name/Trading name of your main account
  • Contact detail: Insert all your contact details such as web address, contact numbers and a description of your business
  • Physical address detail: Insert the Physical address of your business
  • Postal address detail: Insert the postal address of your business
  • bank detail: Insert the bank account details that will be linked to this sub-account
  • Abbreviated name: This would apply if you will be making use of Debit orders on this sub-account, you can select to either keep the abbreviated name as per the main account or create a new abbreviated name for this sub-account
  • Account users: You are able to select which users you would like to be active on this sub-account¬†
  • Complete: Once you are happy with all information captured click Complete