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The Risk reports profile displays fees and important information relating to your Risk reports service.

Select Account profile> Click Service profiles> Risk reports.

  • Service active: If your Risk reports service is active the box will be ticked. If not and you would like to activate this service, please contact your Account Manager or:
    • Access the Account Profile menu in the top menu bar.
    • Click the left side menu bar and click on “My space”.
    • Click on the Risk reports service icon, you will be emailed your digital signature token to insert and sign the new service agreement.
  • Test mode active: If set to True test mode is active and no risk reports will be processed. To deactivate test mode please contact your Account Support.

Service fees:

Fees that you are billed per report (excluding VAT.):

  • Risk reports module fee.
  • Bank account verification.
  • Bank account verification – bulk.
  • ID number verification.
  • Cred-it-Data ID verification and fraud.
  • Transunion ID verification and fraud.
  • XDS ID verification and fraud.
  • Transunion credit check.
  • XDS ID verification and fraud.
  • Transunion credit check.
  • XDS credit check.
  • Transunion consumer credit check.
  • Experian consumer credit check.
  • XDS consumer credit check.
  • Compuscan consumer credit check.
  • Businesses linked to consumer.
  • CIPC report.
  • CIPC business report with principal clearance.
  • CIPC business report.
  • Mini business credit report.
  • Mini company report.
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