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Issuing a Service Key

  1. Select Account profile.
  2. Click on Netconnector > Pay Now.
  3. Check the Service key active box.
  4. Insert the email address to which you would like reports and notifications to be sent.
  5. Select Activate test mode now if you wish to test the Pay Now service (no transactions will be processed in test mode).
  6. Select payments accepted:
    – Credit card
    – EFT
    – Cash
    – Instant EFT
  7. By selecting pre-defined URL group, Netcash will automatically insert default URL’s or follow steps 8 & 9.
  8. Insert Accept and Decline URL’s for credit cards.
  9. Insert Notify and Re-direct URL’s for EFT and Retail.
  10. Select Notify my customers if you would like Netcash to email your clients when payment is received.
  11. Select Submit.
  12. Your service key will now appear below your email adress.

Viewing your statement and releasing funds to your bank account

Quick steps to view your statement

  1. Select Services.
  2. Click on Account from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on Reports > Statement.
  4. Choose the statement you would like to view from the available options.
  5. Your statement is now displayed showing your available balance – this is the amount that can be released to your bank account.
Note: Pay Now transactions are consolidated by date and type. Click on the Printer to the left of the entry to get a breakdown of transactions.

Releasing funds to your bank account

  1. Select Services.
  2. Click on Account from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on Manage account > Release funds.
  4. To see a report of previous requests, select the date range and click on Show report.
  5. To release funds, click on the Release funds button.
  6. Select the action date.
  7. Select Release available balance or Release own amount.
  8. If you’re selecting Release own amount, insert amount.
  9. Click on Release funds.
  10. Funds will be released to your bank account linked to your Netcash profile.
Note: Netcash will release the requested amount if sufficient funds are available at the time of processing.

Testing Credit Card payments

  1. Ensure that you have issued a Pay Now service key (see page 3 of this guide), tick the ‘Activate Test mode now’ checkbox .
  2. Under the Payments accepted container, ensure that credit cards are active.
  1. When accessing the Netcash Gateway, click on the credit card button and enter card details on the front and back of the card, you can make use of the following test data: 4000000000000002 – Returns “Approved” 4000000000000028 – Returns VISA “Declined” 5200000000000049 – Returns MasterCard “Declined” CVC – 123
    Expiry Date – Any date in the future
    Card Name – Any Name
  2. Insert budget period of applicable.
  3. Click on Pay Now.
  4. Observe the results.
Note: The supplied credit card details will simulate the payment to a point, for a more detailed view of the process, a live transaction is an alternative as this will evoke the 3D secure process and return to the postback url’s attached to your service key.

Viewing your transaction history

  1. Select Services.
  2. Click on Pay Now from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on Reports > Processed transactions.
  4. Select required date range and click on Select.
  5. The required transaction list will be supplied.
  6. Export data by clicking on the XLS or Download buttons.
  1. Click on the detail transaction icon to the left of the transaction for additional detail.
  2. Click on the Export icon and select the preferred format to download your report.

Transaction tracking and unprocessed transactions

Transaction tracking

  1. Select Services.
  2. Click on Pay Now from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on Reports > Transaction tracking.
  4. Insert your reference/description and amount.
  5. Click on Select.
  6. The system will search and display the required transaction.
  7. By clicking on the icon on the left of the transaction, additional information is displayed.

Unprocessed transactions

  1. Select Services.
  2. Click on Pay Now from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on Reports > Unprocessed transactions
  4. Select the required date range/status and click Select.
  5. Click on Select.
  6. View the report of transactions requested.

Payment request

  1. Click on Services > Pay Now > Payment request > Create
  2. You have a choice of sending an email or sms or both.
  3. Insert the required information and press Send.


  • Your reference must be unique for each new request.
  • The description will be sent in both email and sms.
  • Extra fields will appear on your downloaded statement for enhanced reconciliation.
  1. Select Account profile.
  2. Click on Contact profiles > Logo.
  3. Choose your logo file.
  4. Select Submit.


  • Files can be in .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, or .png format
  • Dimensions are 194px (w) x 70px (h)
  • File size cannot exceed 80kb.
  • The logo will be displayed on the Pay Now page when your client selects a payment method.
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