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Our easy to use guide will get you up and running in no time!

Debit order integration: Step-by-step-guide

Step 1:

The client notifies WeconnectU that he has signed agreements with Netcash and would like to activate the integrated services to his account. WeconnectU activates this.

Step 2:

The client obtains relevant keys from Netcash relating to each Community and does setup on WeconnectU.

  • Tick Netcash and save.
  • Input relevant keys and save.

Step 3:

WeconnectU system will automatically create a Netcash debit order bank account.

Step 4:

The client sets up a default Debit Order Control Account under default billing accounts.

Step 5:

The client sets up debit order mandates for each customer in Finance – Setup Customer section

Step 6:

Submitting Debit Orders to Netcash

  • Navigate to Overview > Finance > Netcash Debit Orders
  • Select action date
  • Select communities which debit orders you want to submit and submit batches.

Wait a couple of minutes to confirm batch has been authorized. See the status bar for reference.

Step 7:

Netcash will submit a statement file to WeconnectU on a daily basis

  • Transactions will auto-allocate to customers
  • Allocate disbursement amount on Netcash cashbook to debit order control account
  • Allocate the disbursement amount received in the current account to the Debit Order control account
  • This should zero the debit order control account

Step 8:

  • Check recon on the Overview Netcash Debit Order page
  • Drill-down functions to detail are provided for each reference